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Clinical Affiliates


Clinical Science Clerkship rotations can be done in Guyana and USA.

Core and Elective Clerkship Rotations

Rotation Sites in the USA

  • Wyckoff Hospital - All Core Clerkship Rotations (NY)
  • George Washington University Hospital - Neurology (DC)
  • Bridge Point Hospital - Neurology (DC)
  • Sherwood Hall Medical Center (Va)
  • Potomac Medical Center (Va)
  • Metropolitan Medical Center (DC)
  • Louisville, Kentucky
  • Atlanta and Decatur Georgia

Admissions office

Department Contact Info

Admissions Office – Guyana 

81 Croal St.

Georgetown, Guyana

 (592) 226 1375; (592) 226 3858

Mon – Fri 8:00A.M. – 5:00P.M. EST.




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Rotation Sites in Guyana

  • Georgetown Public Hospital (All Core Clerkship Rotations- (Georgetown))
  • St Joseph Mercy Hospital