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Frequently Asked Questions


After enrolling at GAU, is there any additional fees besides tuition fee?

There is no additional fee for full tuition paying students except for, End of year United States NBME exams ($60), Liability Insurance (for students rotating in the USA) during clinical sciences and Graduation fee (at the end of 4th year). If student request an official transcript, they will have to pay $25 US per official transcript. Students on Scholarships, payment plans will also have to pay their yearly NBME Exam fees in addition to the above listed fees.

Do we have to take the US NBME exam even though we do not have an interest in working in the USA?

Yes, GAU follows a US medical school curriculum. We assess our students based on US standards and would like to ensure that students graduating from GAU are knowledgeable and skillful as medical students graduates of US based medical schools. Students who pass the NBME exams are more likely to pass any of the medical board exams including USMLE, PLAB, MCI Exams etc.

What happens if I cannot pass the medical board exams?

We like to encourage students to always think positive! So let’s aim towards a successful future. Should you not seek the clinical route after graduating, you can venture into research, medical education and so many more medical fields.

What are your USMLE step 1 and 2 first-time pass rates?

We currently have an 80 % USMLE Step 1 pass rate and 100% USMLE Step 2 and Step 3 pass rate.

What is the pass mark at GAU for quizzes, exams etc?

The Passmark is 70 percent. Students are required to attend 90% of classes to be qualified to take the final exams.

Can I do clinical rotations in the USA?

GAU has clinical rotation sites in the USA. While GAU guarantees rotations in USA, students have to ensure that they can secure the funding and a US visa (GAU will provide the documentation to the embassy but does not guarantee that the student will receive a visa). GAU has thus far, an excellent record with students acquiring US and UK visa.

Does the GAU diploma recognized outside of Guyana?

Yes! GAU is recognized by ECFMG and the World Federation of Medical Schools and thus this allows students and graduates to take the Caribbean, US and British board exams that will allow them to practice medicine in the respective regions and country.

What is the the White Coat Ceremony?

The White Coat Ceremony is an American Medical School ritual where first-year students are welcomed on the journey towards becoming a medical practitioner. Students are adorned with white-coats during the ceremony.

When was GAU established?

The University was established in November 2013

Has any of your Medical students engaged in Clinical Rotation in Hospitals in USA. Please give name of the Hospitals and details of the students if any Nigerian students have took part in Clinical Rotation outside Guyana.

Yes, our students rotate in New York at Wyckoff Hospital and in Georgia at various Clinical Sites. kindly note pictures on our social media and website showcasing students at these clinical sites in the USA. For more information on our clinical sciences rotations in the USA, kindly contact Dr. Isis Anderson at who will be happy to discuss further.

Which States in the USA can Clinical rotations be completed?

Clinical rotations are done in Georgia, DC, New York, Kentucky, and Mississippi at our affiliate sites.

Has GAU been accredited. Please mention Medical Bodies that gives you the Recognition in Guyana.

National Accreditation Council of Guyana –

Is your Accreditation and Recognition acceptable globally.

Yes, once you are on the list of medical schools under WFME you degree issued will be recognized.

Is GAU free from the burden of Government Bills and Bills to be paid to Hospitals in the USA in order for students to have smooth and successful Clinical Rotation.

GAU does not have any issues with the associated institutions in the USA. The fact that students are currently rotating at these institution confirms this.

There is a low staff and faculty turnover rate.

We have a low staff turnover. To date, only 2 staff we previously had is not working with us. These staff members were dismissed for misconduct. In case of faculty members, we had approximately 3 faculty members who were dismissed because students and management had complaints about their performance in delivering the program. Once GAU confirms that a faculty member is not performing to our standard they will be dismissed.

What is the education background of teaching staff?

The list of our faculty members can be viewed at

From your website, GAU is not accredited by ACGME. Please can you give more explanation on this.

ACGME accredits US-based Medical Schools. CAAMHP is the institution that is set in place for this region and all medical schools have until 2023 to get CAAMHP. We are working towards 2020 accreditation by CAAM-HP. Thus we are going to continue being recognized with only having National Accreditation of Guyana recognition until 2023.

What assurances can you give to us that will eliminate fears and worries from the mind of students coming to GAU?

We say what we do and do what we say. You have to speak with our students who can give you a better input. They are the ones currently enrolled in our program and they will be best to confirm our credibility.

As a Clinical Sciences transfer student in advanced standing, what is the minimum enrollment period to graduate?

A minimum of 60 weeks of Clinical Sciences rotation which must include all 52 weeks of core clinical rotations

What is required for a student to transfer from a particular Medical University in the Caribbean to your school, GAU.

The student has to submit the usual admission documents (copy of degree/certificates, transcripts, 2 recommendation letters, application processing fee, government issued id). In addition, the student has to provide us with a transcript from the current University.

Is students housing on the GAU campus or outside the University campus. If students hostels are outside the university campus, then, by what means does students get to lecture rooms in the university and who controls student housing?

Students stay at modern apartments close to the University. These apartments come with all amenities including internet and optional a/c which is usually a bit pricey. Arrangements for housing are controlled by the University but the apartments are privately owned.

What is the duration of the program?

The premedical sciences program is a 16 months program, taught in 4 trimesters (4 months per trimester). The Doctor of Medicine program is a 4 years program. The preclinical sciences/basic sciences courses are taught during the first 20 months of the program while the clinical sciences program is taught during the final 2 years of the program.

Is TOEFL required for non-english speaking nationals?

Yes, TOEFL score of 60 or IELTS score of 6.0 is required

I completed High School in English, but I am from a non-English speaking country. Do I still have to take the TOEFL?

You may not have to take the TOEFL if you completed High School or Tertiary Education in English. The Admissions Committee may, however, request this exam if after you completed your admissions interview, they were not satisfied with your general understanding of the language.

Is the Degree recognized in Canada?

Yes. Medical degrees obtained from Georgetown American University are acceptable to the provincial/territorial medical regulatory authorities in Canada, and therefore acceptable to all medical organizations in Canada. For more information about the acceptable medical schools as defined in the Model Standards for Medical Registration in Canada please visit this website: