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Graduation Requirement


Examinations requirement for Graduation

The following exams, in addition to individual course assessments, must be passed in order to receive a Doctor of Medicine Degree from GAU

  • Professional Development Weeks/Assessment Exercises – Years 1-2
  • GAU Comprehensive OSCE Exams Years 2 & 3 & 4 (implemented 2020)
  • NBME Comprehensive Exams Year 2 & 4

The general requirements for graduation from the Doctor of Medicine Program:

Students must complete all requirements prior to graduating from the university. Each candidate must have:

  1. Successfully complete the required courses prescribed for their chosen curriculum (see  Preclinical Sciences and Clinical Sciences checklist for program completion linked below;
  2. An approved audit on file with the academic office for each academic program in which enrolled
  3. File a graduation application on or before the deadline

In order to be eligible to participate in a commencement ceremony and to be listed in the commencement program, all degree candidates’ must be eligible for graduation.

Students who have not completed eligibility for graduation before the commencement ceremony should still be entitle to uplift transcripts and certification upon completion of all requirements. These students will be eligible to participate in a commencement ceremony proceeding their graduation from the program.