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International Affiliates


Georgetown American University has several affiliates worldwide. The two broad areas of affiliation are academics and recruiting. We pride ourselves in being a true representation of quality. In this regard, we associate with agencies and institutions who share our vision and values. 


Academic Institutions

Hospitals, Tertiary Institutions

Georgetown American University is affiliated with several hospitals, and tertiary institutions in the USA, UK, Nigeria and  Guyana. Hospitals serve as clinical sites for our students to complete their clinical training during their studies at GAU. For a list of training facilities please visit our  Clinical Affiliates page.

Academic Institutions

Hospitals, Tertiary Institutions

 Georgetown American University is working on associating with tertiary institutions for research and other academic development. We will update this page as we progress with this venture. 



  It is our policy to ensure that all agencies working with GAU in recruiting students to be aware of our Admission and Recruiting policies. GAU, therefore, ensures that all agencies attend an annual seminar that will ensure that agents are kept updated with any changes we may have with our policies and to share any concerns or explore solutions to common problems agents may face.

Oh Yes!

We currently have recruiting agencies in the following countries: 

  1. USA
  2. Nigeria 
  3. Zambia
  4. South Africa 
  5. India 

For more information on how to become an agent please contact the admissions office at