Georgetown American University

GED Program

About GED

Georgetown American University is desirous of delivering the General Educational Development (GED)  program in Guyana. The GED Test measures how well someone has mastered the skills and general knowledge acquired in a four-year USA high school education. The test does not expect someone to remember numerous details, definitions, or facts. Students are expected to demonstrate the ability to think about various issues.

We can help students through the non-traditional path toward obtaining a high school diploma with our GED program. This program is helpful for non-high school graduates wanting to learn a new skill or trade; our Career Pathways program is a great way to advance their employability, often while working.


1 month access
$ 169
one time payment
  • 1 month question bank access
  • 1 months video lectures
  • 1 career guidance session
Least effective


4 months access
$ 159
3 Monthly payment
  • 4 months question bank access
  • 4 months video lectures
  • 2 career guidance sessions


6 months access
$ 149
4 Monthly payment
  • 6 months question bank access
  • 6 months video lectures
  • 6 months career guidance

What can i do with a GED Certificate?

What GAU programs can i apply for with a GED?

GAU has an Associate of Science and Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity programs. Applicants with a GED certificate can apply for the Associate of Science in Cybersecurity 

GAU has a Associate of Science and Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. Applicants with a GED certificate can enroll in the LPN program leading to a Registered Nurse program. 

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