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Student Honor Council

Student Honor Council

Honor Council

The Medical Student Council on Honor, also referred to as the Honor Council, is the primary jurisdiction over the supervision of the Honor Code as it applies to medical students. The Honor Council operates on the premise that no violation occurred until proven otherwise.

The Student Honor Council will consist of ten (10) elected student Representatives (2 PM, 2 MD1, 2 MD2, 2 MD3 and a Chair and Vice-Chair both elected from the M4 class). The Dean will also elect one (1) student representative and two (2) faculty representatives to the Honor Council. The Student Affairs Director is an ex-offico on the Council and does not have voting rights. The members will be elected and selected to serve for 12 months and for no more than two (2) cycles.

The Honor Code applies to every medical student who is enrolled at GAU. Accordingly, every medical student shall be required to verify acceptance of the honor system by signing the following Honor Pledge.

Honor Code

“I resolve to refrain from conducting myself in a manner that is unbecoming of a medical professional. I acknowledge that, in support of the Honor System, it is my responsibility to report any violations of the Honor Code or Student Code of Conduct. I understand that with any violation of the Honor Code or Student Code of Conduct, a plea of ignorance will not be acceptable, and the violation may result in my permanent dismissal from GAU. I pledge that I shall endeavor at all times to create a spirit of honor of my chosen profession by upholding the Honor System myself and helping others to do the same.”