Georgetown American University

Our Team


Dr. Melissa Varswyk

CEO and President

Mr. Lancelot Mars

Vice President of Strategic Development

Dr. Isioma Oside

Associate Dean

xxxxxx xxxx

Student Finance Aid Officer

Ms. Grace Semple

Executive Assistant

Vince Vanhoyte

HOD - Information Technology Department

Xxxxx xxxxxx

Director of Student Affairs

Dr. Diane Powers

Student Affairs Coordinator

Marlyn Farley Thompson

US Clinical Sciences Coordinator

Ms. Dawnia Harry

Head of Student Advisory

Heintje Varswyk

Admin Assistant

Nebert Dickson

Admin Assistant

Dr. Tnika Jones

Institutional Effectiveness Specialist

Head of Department

Dr. Linda Felix Johnson

HOD – Premedical Sciences Department
PsyD – Capella University (MN, USA) MSc. Psychology – Capella University (MN, USA)

Dr. Simone Rose

HOD – Nursing
Doctor of Medicine Degree at Georgetown American University

General Education

Daniel Jetter

Maths, Physics, Biology - PArt Time

Jennifer Antoine

Biology, Microbiology - Part Time

Ms. Nadine Smith

Nutrition, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry - Full Time