Georgetown American University

Student Services

Student Services

Student Affairs Office :

  • Provides counseling and advice on issues affecting student
  • Seeks to resolve problems that affect student performance at the institution
  • Provides assistance in planning and organizing student-led activities
  • Provides arbitration to resolve conflicts between students and other stakeholders at the University

Administrative Office can be contacted :

  • Request basic academic information e.g., Timetables
  • Enquire about general resources applicable to students e.g., access to the internet, student email access, student id, student badges, etc
  • Schedule meetings with Management, faculty, etc. who may not be available to students to approach directly
  • Confirm any changes to regularly scheduled activities at the university, including faculty, makeup classes, delay in class, etc.
  • Request general information on activities related to the University

Academic Office can be contacted to :

  • Request student grades, course material, transcripts, teaching aids, and other academic-related information
  • Request for Leaves of Absence

Clinical Sciences Office will :

  • Communicate all matters relating to clinical education which includes, lectures, clinical placement, preceptors’ evaluation,
  • Make preparations for GAU clinical sciences assessment and board exams

Finance Office assists with :

  • Tuition and related matters
  • Inquiry about student aid

Georgetown American University Student Associations

Student Government Association

  • The Student Body of GAU established the Student Government Association to provide :
    1. An effective organization for the administration of student activities,
    2. To promote academic freedom and academic responsibility,
    3. To establish and protect student rights,
    4. To foster awareness of the student’s position on the campus, national and international communities, and
    5. To provide a liaison between the student body, faculty, and administration.
  • The Membership of the Student Government Association consists of all enrolled students who have paid the Student Activities Fee at GAU.
  • There are several subcommittees within the Student Government Association. Medical Students Associations help expose medical students to information and exercise not generally covered in traditional curricula. The main associations are :
    1. Honor Council – the disciplinary society elected by the student body to enforce and maintain the University honor code.
    2. American Medical Students Association – GAU Chapter
    3. National Association of Medical Students – Guyana Chapter
    4. Journal Club
    5. GAU Sports Society