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Job Placement

GAU’s Placement Agency aligns our  nursing graduates with jobs throughout the USA. This effort is to assist graduates to gain employment within the first four months of graduation. 

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Online or In person Classes

Our Premedical Sciences and Preclinical Sciences courses are still delivered via distance learning. Students who take these classes online can remain in their home country and participate in the studies via zoom. These courses’ laboratory sessions are via digital applications such as our state-of-the-art simulations. Students onsite will participate in classroom classes. 

All clinical training must be done in person at our clinical sites located in Guyana, Georgia, and New York, U.S.A. Students can also do elective rotations in U.K. and Nigeria. 

We anticipate that the option for classes delivered online will continue throughout 2022. Factors contributing to entirely onsite learning include universal COVID-19 vaccination access and W.H.O. change in pandemic status. For updated information, please visit the university’s COVID-19 alert page.